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Customers Love Us

With over a hundred happy clients so far, OhioiProject is surely your one-stop-shop destination for anything technology-related!

Better, harder security

Along with the latests updates, we have hardened our security and are protected by DDoS, SSL, and more! Your data is in safe hands!

Streamlined Experience

Now with all our sites running the same theme, you can push aside your worries! Finally everything is cleanly laid out and easy to access!

Custom Computer Orders Now open!

Beginning today, we are accepting custom computer orders! The amount you pay today (when buying through Oasis PCs) will be your consultation fee and will include finding the components for your dream-build!

Grade B VPS Servers

Gone are the days of old where we had files missing, DDoS attacks, and hours of downtime. We now are using Professional-grade equipment to power everything!

Superior Support

Whether you need technology advice, your computer is acting up, or you simply need to talk to someone, OhioiProject: Support is here for you! We offer 1-2 hour turnaround times during our normal business hours!

Professional Services

Consulting for the Pros

If you own a business, and want to make it awesome, you can count on us! We work around the clock and will work with you to make your business stand out from the competition! 

Great Support Wherever you are

Wherever, whenever, we can help you!

With our presence in Norway, and the US, we are sharing our knowledge with the world! If you need help, our support team will be there for you remotely! If you are near us, we can come to you!

More cost effective

Keep your money in your pocket!

At OhioiProject, we know how hard it is to use technology. Sometimes it breaks, sometimes you need something done, and sometimes you just want to post your dreams online! If you go with us, we promise to match, or cost less than the competition!

Recent News

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  • Working Hours (Business Hours)

    Many people were upset because we didn’t have our business hours more public on our website, so here they are: Monday-Friday: 6:30AM-3PM (EST) Saturday/Sunday: 12PM-2PM (EST) Holidays: Please see blog posts around that time, or check our social...
  • Saying goodbye to The Transcend Network

    After nearly a year in service, The Multi-Network System, Transcend, will be closing. As of the first of January all of our partners have been terminated of their legal agreements to us. Should you need to contact us...
  • New Ad in the Works!

    OhioiProject is currently working on it’s largest project – making an ad. We have gotten the basics down and are working with a few famous voices from Fiverr! If you would like to, you can subscribe to our...
  • Welcome to the NEW OhioiProject

    Some History In 2009 OhioiProject started as a small company, working on producing video content for YouTube. Going by “JMSProductions” we worked on YouTube videos and some side projects regarding ebooks and blogs. Following that we created the...

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